ParisProgress.org is a project of the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, supported by implementing partners Citizens’ Climate Education and the Geoversiv Foundation.

It emerges from the consultation and workstreams process of the Pathway to Paris, and from ongoing engagement in the UNFCCC process, the ACE Dialogues, the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, and the new ECOS Community of stakeholders working on climate education, communication, and outreach.

As implementation speeds ahead on the many operational elements of the Paris Agreement, there is an increasing need to provide a clear, concise, straightforward map of the landscape of action and innovation. ParisProgress.org aims to provide the clarifying insight of direct links to a number high-value, direct action platforms tracking or informing the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Each item posted to this website will provide a few brief lines of insight and instruction, and then link to the more detailed, evolving resources that can provide active insights into the overall landscape of implementation, policy, finance, and innovation.

For regular updates on signals of Paris Progress across a wide range of issues, visit ParisProgress.org/signals

The Paris Progress Signals Brief aims to provide a coherent, comprehensive measure of Paris Agreement implementation, according to the ACCESS standard, developed during the COP21 in 2015. Each new breakthrough or headline item will be succinct, clear, and will link to further resources.